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Bring back the natural luster of wood finishes.

14.79 ml / 0.5 oz$25     
59.15 ml / 2 oz - $55

TimberLuxe™ is a waterproof finish that can be used to replicate, restore, or repair virtually all stock finishes for collectable sporting arms from the Civil War to World War II. Applied to antique furniture, TimberLuxe™ will bring back the luster it once had while preserving the vintage look. 

This finish brings the wood’s internal beauty to the surface by directing light into the wood thereby adding three-dimensional depth.


Same recipe but with faster drying times! 

14.79 ml / 0.5 oz - $25      

Same recipe but formulated for quicker drying times in high humidity environments.


Recipe # 2 is a great match for pre 1960 Browning firearms and the European firearms.



Beautifies and highlights!

473 ml / 16 oz - $60   

TimberLuxe™ Walnut Stain beautifies wood and highlights natural wood grain features.  It works seamlessly alongside TimberLuxe™ Finish to adjust the colour of your woodworking project from antique furniture to vintage gunstocks.


It can be used directly on bare wood but the colour cannot be adjusted as easily as when it is applied over TimberLuxe™ Finish. 


Denatured alcohol is the stain base so it penetrates the finish:


See the application instructions on the TimberLuxe™ website.


Aug 2/22 R.P. Gatineau, QC

I love the easy to use TimberLuxe™ Finish and Walnut Stain! Tried it first on a k31, with what I think is walnut, and the result was awesome. I removed most of the scratches and it now shows all the hidden grain lines. 


Nov 11/20  G.C. Omemee, ON

I’m very happy with the Rust Blue and TimberLuxe™ Wood Stain. Prepped the stock then did the sand-in using the finish with 280 grit water paper (doesn’t fall apart when wet). This filled the wood pores. Wiped off the flurry and let the stock dry. It had a smooth finish and days following I lightly applied more finish.  When it started to tack up I let it sit overnight and then took #0000 steel wool and lightly rubbed the surface, repeating the TimberLuxe™ application periodically over a couple of weeks. The beauty of the TimberLuxe™ is you can take a light dab on the end of your finger and blend it in to replicate the finish on top of a repair. It’s not a lot of work.  After the finish has been cured on the stock you can control the look of the finish by rubbing with the palm of your hand. With little effort you can bring up a nice satin polish. What’s really nice is the TimberLuxe™ doesn’t plug checkering (anything else would have required re-cutting). Plus I have the real colour of the wood, it’s not buried in stain.  TimberLuxe™ is a real time-saver that gives a ‘hand-rubbed traditional oil finish’ look. Two guns bought recently at auction had the stocks completely broken in half. They’ve now been restored to awesome status, thanks to TimberLuxe™!


Aug 18/20 G.P., Phillipsburg, QC

I’m a happy camper; really like the TimberLuxe™ finish product. Thanks.


Apr 17/20 S.L., Labbé’s Gun Smith, Arnprior, ON

As promised when we talked at the Renfrew gun show, here are a few pics using your TimberLuxe™ product.  This is the best finish I’ve used in my 35 years of gunsmithing.  You can use my pics and testimonial on your site; it would be an honour!


How much will a 14.79 ml / .5 oz jar finish?

From raw wood (5-6 coats): 2 rifle stocks or 2 sets of shotgun wood.

How much will a 59.15 ml / 2 oz jar finish?

From raw wood (5-6 coats): 6-7 one piece rifle stocks, 9-12 two piece sets

On top of original finish (2-3 coats): 1 piece of average size furniture, 30+ gunstocks.

How do I apply TimberLuxe™? Is it safe to get on my hands?

It can be applied with a brush, rag, or your fingers. Rubbing it on will ensure maximum penetration of the wood grain.

Do atmospheric conditions affect the drying time of TimberLuxe™?

Yes. Cooler temperatures and high humidity slow the drying time. Optimum conditions are above 75° F and humidity below 40-50%.

How long do I wait between coats of TimberLuxe™?

With the right atmospheric conditions, 1-2 days. Typically 1 day is long enough, but the first few coats may dry much quicker.


What is the shelf life of TimberLuxe™?

If unopened, it will last several years. Once the lid comes off and the finish is exposed to oxygen, you need to use it in 2-3 weeks. The finish will start to turn into a jelly/marmalade substance, which is still usable at this point. At some point it may become to thick too spread. As long as TimberLuxe™ finish is protected from oxygen, the clock is not ticking.


We recommend cleaning the threads of the jar/lid after every use to keep it from sealing itself shut.

Is TimberLuxe™ waterproof?

If it is applied as per application instructions, TimberLuxe™ is waterproof after 5-6 coats.

Can I use TimberLuxe™ on antique furniture as well?

Yes! Some of our best feedback has come from users applying it to antique furniture. In many cases the original finish does not need to be stripped, simply add TimberLuxe™ to the surface of the original finish.

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