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July 25, 1935 – March 4, 2019


Paul M. Johnston Sr. (‘PJ’), was a tool and die maker by trade. He supplied production parts in Canada for Cooey and Winchester, also Remington and Lakefield Arms. A respected machine builder, Paul developed a solid education in metallurgy and manufacturing. 

This background, combined with his serious interest in firearms, gave Paul a broad knowledge base.

Among gun enthusiasts, he was considered a very reliable source of information, whose opinion was highly valued in the firearms community.

From an early age, Paul was a hunter and avid gun collector. He belonged to several gun clubs and was a recognized amateur gunsmith for over 30 years.

On a Personal Note


April 1/19

I’m writing to inquire how everyone is doing as I didn’t see PJ at the Renfrew Gun Show.  I sincerely hope everyone is well. I continue to enjoy the Tobin 16g shotgun and the fond memories it brings. I’ll also need to order another bottle or two of Clenzoil as I use it extensively with great success.  A while ago, PJ mentioned that he has two engraved Savage 99s in his personal collection. I’m not sure if they were for sale but I’m truly interested in viewing them if possible.  I look forward to seeing you soon! 


April 1/19

Having just learned of Paul’s passing, I’m grieving the loss of a truly wonderful man, that I feel incredibly blessed to have known.  I first met Paul at the Renfrew Gun Show a few years ago and was instantly moved by his wealth of knowledge, kindness and sincerity.  On that particular day, Paul sold me my first side by side shotgun, a finely engraved Tobin 16g.  I remember him telling me that he’d had plenty of offers for that particular shotgun over the years but had politely declined each of them.  Later, in a phone conversation, he informed me that he had decided to sell me the Tobin after witnessing the excitement and joy that it brought to my face.  Every time I gaze upon its beauty, I think of Paul.  He was a true gentleman who will be forever missed.  

~ Joseph, an Ottawa Valley customer


Apr 2/19 

Joseph, thank you for your kind words and the tribute to my wonderful husband. He was truly a man of integrity and generosity of spirit and will always be the love of my life.

~ Joan


Mar 31/19  

“I met Paul for the first time probably in about 2007.  After speaking with him for a few minutes as a stranger, I could tell that he not only knew machining and finishing endlessly, he was a superb human being.  He shared a lot of information with me over the years.  Everyone at the gun shows loves him.  It's not the same when he isn't there.”  

~ Brad

Mar 5/19

I’m so sorry to hear about Paul’s passing. Over the years he’s been a significant person in important parts of my life. He was my main contact at the YMCA for a long time and introduced me to the Buck Lake Hunt Club.  I got all my guns from Paul and every time I look at them I’m reminded of him... even more so now! We shared many interesting conversations/experiences and he always brought a smile to my face. I’m sure all the people you know will say many wonderful things about Paul and I add my voice to them. I so enjoyed my time with him and will remember him with great fondness.  

~ Brian, a YMCA and hunting buddy

Mar 18/24

Dear Joan, I doubt you remember me but we spoke many years ago when I was ordering rust bluing solution. Of course there were no problems and recently used it again. Seeing your new website (new to me anyway) is the first time I am aware of Paul’s passing. Please allow me to express my sincere sympathy for your loss. From my minor contact with you over the phone I could see what a great team you guys made. What a precious gift to give each other for a lifetime. It may seem strange for a stranger to contact you after such a long time, I just remember that you were such a sweet lady and I wanted to let you know that through your caring about your customers, you both touched a lot of people with your kindness. Probably more than you know. I hope my words can give you at least a small moment in your day to smile and realize that most of those people you spoke to, cared back. Very sorry Randy.

~ Randy, Alberta

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