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Forest Path

They’re shared with the customer’s permission and aren’t paid promotional advertisements!! 

We aim to fill orders the same or next day and always follow-up to ensure satisfactory delivery.  Then, a reasonable time later, we contact customers to be sure the products have met their expectations.  


Testimonials about our products appear in the individual product sections throughout the website. 

Jan 6/23 W.B., Calgary, AB

Thanks for the good service.


Nov 2/23 M.S., Waupaca, WI USA

Our RB-17 arrived today…thank you Joan for your wonderful service….and so fast! This has been a great experience. 

Feb 22/23  S.V., Mirabel, QC

Thank you for the GREAT service. I really appreciate it.


Nov 25/22 D.S., Leavenworth, KS USA

I received my order today. Refreshing to actually see someone practicing excellent customer service. In today’s world I believe it’s just about a lost art. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and prompt service, your very satisfied customer!


Feb 27/21 K.D., Estevan, SK

Order was received in perfect shape. Thanks again for the superb customer service.


Dec 4/19 R.B., Duncan, BC

As always I’m thrilled with your products and your excellent customer service.


Aug 28/17 G.M., Nanaimo, BC

WOW! I never had anyone check to make sure a delivery has been made; you guys are amazing. Everything arrived on time and in good condition. Thank you so much for all your help, concern and amazingly rare business ethics.


Feb 14/16 C.S., Calgary, AB

Must say your customer service is bar none.  All products supplied have exceeded my expectations and your customer service and follow-up have been excellent.


Dec 7/13 C.G., Edmonton, AB

Thank you for all the great support. It’s quite apparent that your products are the best available in Canada.


Sep 10/13 S.M., Moron Grove, IL USA

Thanks for keeping me so informed during this ordering process. You are definitely the exception to the customer ‘no service’ that most companies offer these days.


Feb 13/13 B.R., St. John’s, NF

Thanks for the service. It’s people like you who know how to keep customers! I’m looking forward to getting good results and recommending you to other firearm enthusiasts in my club and at work. [Our reply: “Thanks for the compliment – we take pride in not only selling professional products but in providing professional service”.]


Apr 17/05 J.S., Hamilton, ON

Thanks for the quick shipment, A-1 packaging and e-mails. Wow, I think I just experienced customer service as it should be. Lots of retailers should take a page from your book. 


Jun 10/22 V.M. Guthrie, OK, USA

Thanks, Joan. Amazing customer service. [Our reply: “You’re welcome. We like our service to match our products”.] 


Apr 13/22 C.P. Tarboro, NC USA 

I appreciated your communications and great customer service.


Aug 23/21 J.C. Winchester, VA USA

Thank you again as always for the rapid and excellent customer service.


Apr 22/21 G.G., Vernon, BC

Thank you for the fine service. I appreciate it and the helpful tips.


Nov 6/20 J.F., Calgary, AB

Thanks for the super fast excellent service. Hope to get great results and report back to you. Cheers.


Aug 18/20 L.P., St. Albert, AB

You have outstanding customer service..nice to see!


May 15/20 M.A., Inverary, ON

Thank you for responding so quickly! I hope business is great; the products are top notch!


Apr 15/20 E.S., Grants Pass, OR USA

Thank you for the fantastic service!


Jun 18/19 J.V., Oak River, MB

Package delivered safe and sound. As usual your service and courtesy make it a pleasure to deal with you.


Feb 11/19 N.W., Guelph, ON

Thank you for the exceptional customer service…glad I found you guys! 


Dec 3/18 K.A., Quesnel, BC

Want to thank you for your awesome service going above and beyond.


Nov 11/18 D.Y., Clarksville, AR USA

Thank you for the excellent service..very much appreciated.  I’m an infrequent customer but I regard excellent service beyond all else..tends to make me extremely loyal. 


Sep 7/17 M.A., Chalk River, ON

Thanks for the detailed two truly know how to run a good business. 


Apr 20/17 A.W., Petawawa, ON

Real happy with the products and all the help…I’ll be singing your praises for a while to come! 


Nov 16/15 J.H., Shongaloo, Louisiana USA

Thanks for a well packed package received in great shape. Will tell everyone about your nice, prompt company.


Jan 13/15 E.Q., Sauble Beach, ON

Thanks a lot Joan and Paul for the products and great communication. I’m thankful you’ll help if I have any issues.

Mar 3/13 D.R., Ottawa, ON

Products arrived in good order..thanks for the prompt service. Paul, I enjoyed our conversation and will employ the excellent tech tips you gave me. Nice in today’s world to actually speak with a real person and get info beyond what is written.


Mar 19/12 G.J., Kelowna, BC

I’m loving your customer service!


Apr 20/09 J.T., California, USA

I recommend PJ’s firearms maintenance products to all my shooting friends. Before purchasing, I spoke with Paul and got friendly, knowledgeable advice and valuable recommendations. I’ll continue to order knowing that I’ll get quality products.


Feb 7/08 P.M., Kingston, ON

I’ve been using your products for over 10 years and stopped using all others since then!


May 7/04 E.I., Toronto, ON

One of the easiest most painless transactions ever. Not only did I receive an immediate response from Paul, but he kept me up-to-date and even followed up with an e-mail after shipping. I’ve often had much less customer service on much larger purchases. He’s also a shooter, so you get some good gun conversation into the bargain.

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