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An all-purpose cleaner, lubricant and preservative.

237 ml / 8 oz - $40 
237 ml / 8 oz - $45 with easy dispense trigger 

Clenzoil was invented in 1948, after years of study and research, by Dr. Ellis Christian Lenz, a World War II veteran, who promoted it as ‘Great for Lock, Stock and Barrel’. It’s made in the USA by a veteran owned and run company and is sold worldwide. Try it – you’ll love it!


This well-established cleaner, lubricant and rust preventative oil will prepare your gun for precision firing and prevent rust buildup so that when you’re next ready to use it, it’s ready for you.


Regardless of the conditions or circumstances, Clenzoil will not separate so your firearm won’t jam.  It has a long history of not failing in combat or other shooting environments. 


It’s a great hot and cold weather product, functioning in temperatures ranging from -54°C/-65°F to 204°C/ 400°F.  It operates across a much wider temperature range than other products and doesn’t deteriorate in below-zero temperature conditions.

In particular, Clenzoil:

  • Outperforms in its ability to ABSOLUTELY PREVENT RUST! It’s the perfect complement to RB-17 gel cleaner, which eats rust.
    Unless you’re enamoured with cleaning, once you’ve cleaned metal you need to apply a true rust preventive oil like Clenzoil to prevent oxidation, which will naturally occur with time. Similarly, after bluing or Parkerizing metal, Clenzoil should be applied to prevent rusting.

  • Effectively removes oils, dirt, copper, lead, plastic wad and other contaminants.

  • Prevents plastic wad buildup in shotguns.

  • Severely retards lead and copper fouling in full-auto and semi-auto pistols and rifles.

  • Repels debris and grime buildup.

  • Provides a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust and lubricates all moving parts of firearms. It NEVER gets ‘gummy’ or sticky with age.

  • Won’t harm gun bluing, case-coloring, gold inlays, camo-coatings, synthetic/polymer or wood stocks (it actually nourishes/nurtures the wood!).  

  • Protects firearms in long-term storage conditions.

In armoury storage, Clenzoil remains fluid on guns for at least 15 years so they are ready in minutes with no additional cleanup.  It totally eliminates ‘spoilage’ in harsh  climates and challenging field conditions.


Gun owners and sportsmen find Clenzoil to be an excellent protectant and conditioner for fine leather slings, holsters, scabbards, wood stocks, grips and forearms.


This high quality one-step product application extends beyond firearms maintenance. It’s a preferred item for machine/tool maintenance and is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for preservation of sporting gear


Fishermen, boaters, hunters, recreational shooters and collectors choose Clenzoil as an ideal addition to their kit. It cleans and lubricates without buildup so items never feel greasy or gummy. Best of all it doesn’t freeze. 


Clenzoil is a multi-purpose oil for which you’ll find a variety of uses around the workshop and the home.  Be inventive/creative!  For example, it can be used to clean and maintain:

  • farm machinery

  • lawn mowers & garden tools

  • bicycles & motorcycles – great on chrome!

  • tool & die maker applications

  • leather items including belts and purses

  • garage overhead door tracks

  • metal and wood


118 ml / 4 oz - $35   

For large hard-to-access areas, this cleaning agent’s foaming action removes all dirt and grime from crevices, etc. leaving a very protective, rust inhibiting surface coating.

PUMP SPRAY               

59 ml / 2 oz  - $25  

Handy, easy to use, pump spray bottle delivers a fine mist of Clenzoil.


NEEDLE OILER             

30 ml / 1 oz - $15   

Convenient needle-nose oiler allows for the easy and waste-free application of Clenzoil in hard-to-reach areas. It has a heavy duty filament with a durable protective cap.  You can lubricate screw heads etc. for easy loosening/removal and avoid using a screwdriver that can slip, scratching a firearm’s metal or wood.


PATCH KIT                 

Approx. 75/jar - $20  

This one-step solution gives Clenzoil fans their favorite product on pre-saturated patches, in a portable compact container.  



7 ml / .25 oz  - $20  

This heavy ‘super grease’ lubricates hinges on over/under and side-by-side firearms and shotgun choke threads.



Approx. 50  - $35  

These saturated wipes are specifically designed to provide a true one-step solution to firearms maintenance. They’re ideal for a quick and easy wipedown after a day in the field  or on the range.  For bore cleaning, cut the wipe into the appropriate sized strips and pass through the bore. 


28 grams / 1 oz. -  $25   

This synthetic gun grease is specifically formulated to stay in place and protect under extreme temperatures and pressures.  The temperature range is -23°C / -10°F to 260°C / 500°F.                       


It offers the following benefits:


  • reduces heat friction and abrasive wear.

  • eliminates stainless steel galling.

  • prevents seizing of threaded parts.

  • protects against dirt, dust, and heat.

  • provides superior water resistance. 


It’s ideal for shotgun choke tubes, muzzleloader breech plugs, hinges on O/U shotguns, semi-automatic handgun slide rails, and any other metal on metal sliding surfaces.


The syringe makes for easy application. First remove all old grease/residue from the area to receive the synthetic gun grease (use Clenzoil Field and Range for the best result). Then depress the plunger end of the syringe to start the flow of grease and apply to desired areas.


13cm/5” pad  -  $20  

For easy application of Clenzoil, use this high quality lamb’s wool pad. It’s about 13 cm / 5” in diameter and has been vegetable tanned to insure that no inadvertent damage occurs to your firearm’s finish. Before its initial use, strike the pad against a clean hard surface to remove any loose fur, then apply Clenzoil to the wool side and rub over the firearm’s surface for an even, thorough and consistent coating. It’s the perfect way to apply product to metal, stocks, boots, chrome fenders and pipes, golf clubs, saddles etc. 


NOTE:  Never use chromium tanned hides to apply liquid products to rust blued metal surfaces as you may damage the finish. Only use vegetable tanned hides like the Clenzoil Lambs Wool Applicator pad.


Clenzoil Cleaning Kits are prefect for on-the-go field cleaning or a thorough home cleanup at the workbench.


They’re conveniently compact so they fit in a range bag or backpack so you have them with you in case of any issue in the field.


The durable case is made of heavy duty, water resistant 6000 nylon with a strong, sturdy zipper.

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Nov 29/21 D.G., Sebastapol, CA, USA

What service you guys gave us! We received the Clenzoil package today. Thank you for the added bottle. That was very thoughtful of you. Happy Holidays!

April 19/21 T.F., Kingston, ON

I certainly noticed and appreciate your level of personal care and customer service.  Feedback Jun 13/21 : “The Clenzoil has been everything I’d hoped it would be.” 

Mar 9/21 D.Y., Vancouver Island, BC

Very happy with the products (Zinc Parkerizing, RB-17 and Clenzoil). We will definitely be using more in the future.


I am looking for a product that will clean, lubricate and preserve a firearm. Will Clenzoil do this?

Clenzoil is an excellent product and exactly what you need to effectively remove built-up oils, dirt and other contaminants, without buildup. It lubricates without being greasy/gummy/sticky and it ABSOLUTELY PREVENTS RUST! It NEVER evaporates. It’ll protect firearms for many years with one application. 

TIP: Since a little bit of Clenzoil goes a long way, to avoid waste and ensure direct/correct application, use a needle-nose bottle when applying the oil to small areas of the firearm.

How is Clenzoil used?

Apply a liberal coating to all surfaces of your firearms; both inside and out, metal and wood, to remove oil, dirt and other contaminants. Allow about 5 minutes for the product to break down contaminants. Use a soft brush to remove debris as needed.  Wipe away the excess oil then reapply a coating to leave a light, non-greasy finish (safe for storage).  When you’re ready to use it, your gun will be clean, fully lubricated and rust-free.


Is there a shelf life for Clenzoil?

There’s no shelf life and you don’t have to worry about freezing affecting this product.

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