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Forest Path

Aug 2/22 R.B., Brentwood Bay, BC

AA’s Manganese Parkerizing worked very well..smooth and dark look. 


Nov 16/21 L.L., Regina, SK

I’m really surprised with the results (AA’s Manganese Parkerizing). Looks real good…better than factory!

Mar 12 & 13/21 W.B., Fairview, AB  

Packaging is best I’ve ever seen! The first AA Manganese Parkerizing job on a bunch of head bolts and washers turned out great… ‘before’ pics but here are some ‘after’ ones. 

Mar 11/21 L.P., St. Albert, AB

RE AA’s Manganese Parkerizing…you’ve supplied a good phosphate solution that’s made plenty of new Garand owners happy!

Mar 04/21 J.F., Calgary, AB

AA’s Manganese Parkerizing results were great, almost replicating factory shade and colour. Great product and I’ll use it for further restoration projects.

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