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Oct 12/22 H.Z., Windsor, ON 

I’m very pleased with the rust blue; the finish is very durable and the instructions surely helped. Many thanks.


Jan 29/22 A.B., Elgin, NB

The bluing project went VERY well! This is such an amazing product; Dad and I were both speechless. Another project and possibly a lot more to come so please send a 4 oz. Antique EXPRESS Rust Blue and 2 oz. Clenzoil Pump Spray.

Aug 10/21 J.G., Point Edward, ON

On my first try I didn’t have the barrels degreased well enough but I got it figured out and the rust blue worked perfectly. Hope to tackle 3 more this weekend. I’ll definitely be ordering more bluing and I’ll try the Timberluxe as well.


Jun 15/21 J.L. Wakefield, QC

As always the rust blue worked flawlessly!  (used to use Radocy Rust Blue but very satisfied with the replacement Antique EXPRESS Rust Blue)


Mar 16/21 B.L., Long Iron Restoration, Cornwall, ON 

When it comes to restoring our classic side by side shotguns, PJ’s Antique EXPRESS Rust Blue is our ‘go to’ barrel finish.  We have successfully blued many a classic with fabulous results and highly recommend this express bluing solution.


Nov 8/20 M.A., Regina, SK

Finally sending you my rust bluing pics. A left hand CZ452, left in a soft case in a very humid environment, became extensively pitted and was missing bluing in most areas. I sanded and draw filed it to remove the pitting (thought 400 grit might be too coarse for a good bluing job, but it worked very well). I’m very pleased with the results. The rifle looks as good as the first day I received it and still shoots well.


Dec 22/19 R.C., Bradford, IL USA

Thank you for the bluing solution. I just did my first rifle; quicker and easier to use than some other solutions. The rifle had a very nice dark colour after only 6 coats. Once Clenzoiled and wrapped in paper, it looked great. I’ve enclosed some pics.


Jul 14/19 T.R., Brandon, MB

I bought your rust blue for an old Mossberg that my uncle stripped but never finished before he passed. Originally I was just concerned with getting blue black on the barrel and magazine tube as this is all he’d removed.  Not blued the barrel yet but the magazine blue has turned out so nicely I now feel compelled to try to finish the aluminum receiver as well. You really have great products and I always appreciate the service. 


Apr 15/19 N.W., Mulmur, ON

Tried the rust blue and got very good results. Easy to use and had an even colour by the third pass. The link & lever took 5 passes; put 6 on the receiver. You have an excellent product & customer service; I’ll continue to support your business. 


Mar 20/19 I.C., Edmonton, AB

Your Rust Blue worked great, very impressed. I did 8 cycles on my sporterized version Johnson 1941 rifle. Bought the fine carding wheel for my lathe, which made the process much better.  .


Apr 17/18 J.V., Oak River, MB

Very pleased with my bluing results. I appreciate the advice you gave me. It was a new project for me and turned out well. Thanks again. 


Feb 27/18 M.A., Chalk River, ON

Thanks so much for the follow-up. The rust blue works very well and I’m very happy with the results.


Feb 20/18 T.S., Fort Qu Apelle, SK

The rust blue worked terrific – end result in 6 turns.  Had to redo the receiver 4 times to get it this good…think it’s because of the high nickel content.  My Winchester rifle was made in 1902. Used the Van’s for screw heads and some internals..worked okay. It’s been nice doing business!


Sep 25/16 J.M., Taber, AB  

Attached is a pic of old Cooey Model 084 parts refinished with your Antique EXPRESS Rust Blue…turned out near perfect. Clenzoiled the parts after bluing, which finished them off nicely..seems to be a great combination. This was my first project using PJ’s products and was only accomplished with the great information provided by Paul and you. I’m looking forward to continued use of your products.


Jun 6/16 S.P. La Crete, AB

The products worked very well. I had a little trouble with the receiver on a post 64 Winchester 94 but with enough coats it turned out looking nice. The barrel and magazine tube are great. I really like the Clenzoil; the fact you can wipe down the entire rifle from stock to barrel is a major bonus to me.  Note: Winchester used a powdered metal (‘sintered’) that can be difficult to reblue, however our Antique EXPRESS Rust Blue will do the job nicely.


Jan 17/16 S.C., Yellowknife, NWT

I bought some rust blue two years ago. Even though you shipped it carefully to Yellowknife, it froze. You told me how to get rid of the tiny acicular crystals that had formed in the solution but I didn’t get around to it. Last week when I finally went to use the blue, the crystals were gone so I went ahead and the product worked just awesomely. Your instructions were excellent/clear and I have a beautifully blued barrel and action. Great product and you stand behind it well.


Apr 30/15 K.M., Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC

I just tried the bluing on small parts and am really impressed how deep dark black it is…looks beautiful!


Mar 15/15 C.L., Burnaby, BC

Here are before and after pics of my Remington Wingmaster Model 870, bought for $100 in ‘fair’ condition (poorly fit recoil pad, painted parts, faded/no bluing). I stripped and polished it, then blued with your wonderful product. Everything went perfectly..the bluing looks great… the finish is flawless and a deep glossy blue. It’s ready for clay busting and next month, turkey hunting! REALLY happy with the products and service. You guys rock. Wouldn’t think twice about purchasing again and recommending your business and products to others.


Apr 10/13  R.L., Brentwood Bay, BC

Very happy with the rust blue results!


Jan 28/11 J.R., Kingston, ON

Radocy Rust Blue is an outstanding product. Very pleased with the results.


Sep 29/05 G.P. swordmaker in JAPAN 

I use the blue to colour the hilt of the swords I make….it’s fantastic!

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