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Forest Path

Mar 13/21 C.I., Oxford, AL USA

RB-17 absolutely did a job on cleaning and accurizing. My champion shooter daughter and gunsmith husband definitely approve! 

Oct 3/20 J.F., Troy, MI USA

I received the package and tried the product today.  After yesterday at

the range, it was a good opportunity to use the RB-17.  Of course, you already knew what great stuff it was for cleaning.   I on the other hand was very impressed and am glad that I purchased extra for a friend.  The third bottle goes to my range gunsmith who originally recommended  it to me. Thanks again, I'm a happy customer. P.S. High marks too re the packaging efforts.

Jun 19/20 D.N., Pineville, LA USA

I’ve been using RB-17 since 1993.  It was recommended to me as a cadet in the police academy…I’ve used nothing else all these years!

May 24/20  B.S., Paris, IL USA 

I recently brought 4 firearms that were a mess! I managed to get them all cleaned and in working condition thanks to your stuff (RB-17)! I’m just glad to find it is still being made. 

Feb 15/20 M. P., Lewisville, TX USA

RB-17 is the best cleaner I have ever used.  I bought some 5 years ago at a  local gun show and am almost out. No one carries it anymore in the area so I will need to order it and some Clenzoil.

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