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Mar 11/21 L.P., St. Albert, AB

RE AA’s Manganese Parkerizing…you’ve supplied a good phosphate solution that’s made plenty of new Garand owners happy!

Mar 04/21 J.F., Calgary, AB

AA’s Manganese Parkerizing results were great, almost replicating factory shade and colour. Great product and I’ll use it for further restoration projects.


Sep 24/20 N.P., Oshawa, ON

Bought some Allegheny Arsenal’s Parkerizing last spring and have fallen in love with the product.


Feb 13/19 D.M., Smithers, BC

A while ago I ordered parkerizing solutions from you and I’m really happy with the results. It’s a good metal prep for DuraCoat firearm finishes.


Apr 14/18 B.N., Plainfield, ON

Letting you know about my project.  Very pleased with the products. Really surprised how fast RB-17 works and the AA Parkerizing worked perfectly..achieved a nice charcoal black first try! Got a really strong, good looking finish!  Very happy with how it turned out and look forward to my next parkerizing project!   Clenzoil works great and I like the scent too!   Thanks again for the great service and products.  

Apr 16/16 F.L. Saint-Raymond, QC

Package received, everything perfect! Made a test and can definitely make some nice finish with this Radocy Parkerizing. Only thing a lot harder than expected is having a similar color on a set of pieces made of different alloy and hardness. Now I see why the colour of some parkerized firearms (even modern ones) is a mismatch.  Thanks for your excellent service.


Apr 5/13 J.R. , Kingston, ON

Finally got around to parkerizing..turned out way better than I could have expected! Awesome finish. Great Radocy product.


Jun 7/11 A.Z., Michigan, USA

WOW! Very happy witih the Radocy Parkerizing. A poorly blued pistol now  looks like it should…effortless process, too! I couldn’t be happier with the results and am now looking for things to parkerize!


Sep 14/07 G.B., Blockhouse, NS

Just a quick note to ltell you how impressed I am with  your Radocy Parkerizing. I refinished a Browning. It was easy to use and the finish is fantastic. Thanks again for the great product.


Mar 5/07  C.S., Montreal, QC

Thanks for the follow-up. I got the shipment and am already using the Radocy Parkerizing. Top notch service and products as well. Very satisfied! Keep up the good work!


Sep 7/04 J.J., Beaverlodge, AB

Re your follow-up, the Radocy Parkerizing was easy to use and has proven extremely durable – a professional quality product with professional quality results. Being an apprentice  gunsmith, I found it was everything I needed, complimented by professional and courteous sales support. A true Canadian business with caring people. Thank you.


Aug 24/04 M.H. , Ottawa, ON

I did my first Parkerizing job with the Radocy solution and it worked perfectly..very happy with the beautiful results! Here’s a few pics. I’ll definitely be ordering more of this stuff.


May 5/04  R.M., Richmond, BC

HI Paul, I got your e-mail address from the Canadian Gun Nutz Forum and am interested in your Parkerizing solution…it got rave reviews on the forum.

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