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Rust Blue - this EXPRESS bluing compound gives a beautiful black-blue durable finish and gives you the option of how light or dark you want the end result. The process is similar to that used centuries ago but an express agent has been added to streamline the bluing operation. This EXPRESS rust bluing method is the HOT WATER water method of bluing. You immerse the part in boiling water to bring the metal up to temperature and you must maintain the temperature throughout the process. This bluing approach is the most desirable choice for double-barrelled guns to avoid weakening the solder.

  •     4 oz. -   $55.00
  •     8 oz. -  $100.00
  •   16 oz. - $175.00
  •   32 oz. - $300.00

Disclaimer: Because of the wide range of metals, results will vary.

Note: Heating the metal with a torch or heat gun or in the oven DOES NOT adequately do the job.

Before Rust Blue

After Rust Blue

Rust Blue with 1, 6, and 12 Turns (a turn is one complete coat)

Zinc Parkerizing - for the highest durable finish, this one-step formula produces an original gray military colour. It is a finish generally used by the military on their service guns (dull not shiny). Parkerizing deposits a coating on steel to provide corrosion protection and is very abrasion resistant. The formula contains Zinc Dihydrogen Phosphate.

  •   16 oz. -   $60.00
  •   32 oz. -   $90.00
  •   128 oz. - $275.00

We also now offer Manganese Parkerizing which produces a dark grey to charcoal finish (same pricing as for Zinc). It contains a pre-blackener.

Regular Formula
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'Black' finish on 4150 military ordinance steel - see FAQ section for details
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Modified Formula -- see FAQ section for details
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For an Instant fast-acting cold blue that provides a highly-durable black-blue finish, contact us. 4 oz. bottle is $25 and 32 oz. bottle is $135

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